I would like to thank you and your group for the gracious support you gave by paying for the ticket to get me to Tel-Aviv for the Hague hearing in order to have the safe return of my son Gideon back to Texas. If it was not for your support both with finances and with insight I am positive this battle would not have ended the way it did. As that goes the first hearing ended with the judge finding in my favor for the return of Gideon to Texas. This lead to an appeal hearing by my ex wife in which the attorneys reached an agreement that Gideon would be returned to Texas no later than December 21, 2009. So now that my son is safe in Texas we can go through all the other legal battles. All of this would again not been possible if it was not for the support to get me to the first hearing in Israel.

Thank you for everything.
Jason Hook and Gideon Hook