I am back

Hello everyone,
Sorry it took so long for me to let you know I made it back from seeing my daughters but it has been so hectik.
I came back to a snow storm, then I had to go back to work right away and we have been pulling 10 to 16 hour shifts and to top it all off, I needed to catch up on sleep.
Well anyway, the trip was fantastic, David Thelen, Christiana and the Committee for Missing Children did a great job!! They had everything set up and ready to go, all I had to do was show up.
You can not put into words, your feelings, when you first see your children again. Your heart races, your hands shake, and the tears fall.


My oldest daughter came right up to me and hugged me so tight I thought she was going to crack a rib.....but that would have been alright because she would of done it. My youngest, smiled real big but was very shy and didnt want to leave her mothers side. After about thirty minutes she was giving me hugs just like my oldest.
While I was there I took advantage of every second I had with them, we went to the movies....(even though I couldnt understand the movie it was probably one of the best movies I seen!) we went bowling, shopping, the park. I got to see there room (BIG Britney Spears Fans!!) and just simply enjoy them.
I really owe a lot to David and Christiana, Because their presence in the situation just made things go a lot smoother and I believe that is why Childrens Services and my ex-wife cooperated so much. They were always a phone call away and if any situation came up, they were right on top of it and getting it solved.

THANK YOU David & Christiana for giving me the second Greatest days of my life..... second only to the day they were born. Keep up the great work and lets get the rest of these children home!!!!!

Ed Troxel

P.S. I am still smiling so big...... my face hurts. (Ha Ha) To all the other parents....Keep up the fight!!
Never give up!!!
Your day will come!!

And remember, when things get tough and you feel you cant go on, just contact me or any of the other parents and we will help pull you through that hard time. Remember, together we are many....single we are one, so never feel affraid to ask any of us for help. My fight will never be over until all these children are taken care of.