McKeddie Children Recovered!

My life in Canada seemed great. Mostly a proud father of two very happy children. Taylor Matthew McKeddie my 12 year old son, and Lisa Marie McKeddie my 10 year old daughter. I was also a husband of 16 years to a lady I had met while overseas. We had all resided in Canada since 1990.

My children could be seen in winter doing what most Canadian children liked to do, and that was playing hockey with there respective teams since they where five. Taylor was very competitive and couldnt wait to get with his friends to lace up the skates. Lisa also played in a league that consisted of mostly all boys. She couldn't wait to get to the rink either to meet with her friends and hit the ice. Every second year, Lisa and her brother Taylor, would end up on the same team. It was fun to coach them, and there friends.

If they were not playing hockey, than you could find them at the camp grounds fishing and swimming with there friends. They are active children that enjoyed their friends and sleepovers. Like every father, I have some great memories of my children.

Little did my children and I realize that on June 16, 2003 my wife was about to try and change everything, and to rip apart what I love most. My children.......the scariest of it all, is she nearly did.

I drove my wife and children to the airport as I was about to take a tour of Afghanistan. My spouse and I, had thought that our children did not get to see there Grandparents and relatives very much, and a small break would do us some good. A adventure that was only to last a little while.... not forever.

Three, four days later after she arrived in her home land, a telephone call would bear the bad news, and a turn of events that will never be forgotten. Her voice was angry, and she announced to myself that her and the children are not coming back and that their was nothing I could do about it. I was stunned by this, and went into shock. I didn't know where to turn. I phoned the police and such, but nobody could really help me get my children back.

It wasn't until I found out about the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abductions that I found away to reunite with my children. Problem was though, no one could really explain to me what the procedures where and what I had to do. It wasn't until I got on the internet and read a few stories of the Hague Convention that I found a Hague Convention lawyer and expert, a Mr Harald Weisker. I found Mr Weisker's number and immediately phoned him and explained my situation. His guidance, understanding, and his professional way, helped me to have my children ordered back to there habitual residence.

Haralds wife, Regina was also there to assist me, her understanding of this emotional roller coaster ride, helped settle me down. I encountered a few obstacles along the way, and didn't really know who to turn to. Harald refered me to the Committee for Missing Children of Europe and introduced me to Christiane Lops, who I am so thankful to have met.Christiane and her committee for helping me in a time of need. Christianes unfortunate experience as a victim to a abduction and her success story helped make me realize that things are going to be alright. Mr. David Thelen, CEO of the Committee for Missing Children who also assisted me in getting to Europe as my financial situation for purchasing airline tickets had depleted.

To Bill Smeaton I thank for your ear, your guidance and understanding.

My co-workers should not go unmentioned and a Brigade of other people....(you know who you are) I thank you.

This is something I wish on no one. Had it not been for the guidance and support of these wonderful people, this may not have been a success story.

Graham McKeddie
Petawawa, Ont